Paloma García García


Urban regeneration

In between city prototype is a hybrid proposal to reactivate urban voids and transfor them into activity nodes. This project is the pioneer piece of a strategic manual to recycle urban gaps. This project explore new strategies of housing, workspaces, sport, leisure and cultural building and the interaction among them to build urban scenarios.

In between city prototype proposes the reflection of urban spaces taking as a starting point the materiality of buildings. Buildings are the backdrops of the city and those limits can implicitly have a great character that defines the urban interaction of an innovative, ecological and welcoming architecture.

What is the function of the facade? What is the character in the city? The project ‘In Between City Prototype’ is a hybrid proposal that explores the possibilities of extending our understanding of the facade by varying its materiality and function. Facades are fundamental transit spaces and are crucial elements to rethink limits of architecture. They are backdrops of the public space but also regulate the interaction of the user with the outside. 5 types of facade are interwoven to generate the urban prototype: In(R)_Recreational, In(C)_Cultural, In(P)_Professional, In(D)_Domestic and In(S)_Sportive.