Paloma García García



International competition · estudioHerreros

This project has been developed by estudioherreros where I participated as part of their international team, to see the complete information goHERE

From pavilion’s architecture, we propose to start a debate about the necessity to give a simultaneously value for global and local, to know how to be local in many places and conduct oneself with a global thought in own land. Innovation, solidarity, understanding and sustainability will be the basis of the most advanced technologies and societies. “Fulgor” is a place for encounters and knowledge exchange, committed with concerns that cross the present – sustainability, technology, social progress, innovation – that explores and highlights connections between East and West, and more specifically between Spain and the Islamic world, with whom 13 centuries of history join us. Architecture is the way to express this shared journey through two essential components of both constructive traditions. First one refers to the contrast between apparent secrecy of its cities and historic buildings, the result of negotiating on extreme climatic conditions, and the poetic condition of its interiors, that display a subtle treatment of natural and artificial light and a series of patios and gardens that work as bounded, green and bright interior rooms.

Second one refers to the activation of a materiality linked with nature and its two worlds: the plant world, represented by wood-a natural material manufactured by advanced technologies-and the mineral, represented in its original state-sand’s silica- and in its most advanced versions – recycled polycarbonates and high density methacrylates. The Pavilion is built with theese priciples, which emanate its unique character and beauty, associating cities’ experience and natural environment of Spain, displayed through architecture, with the construction of a technologically advanced society, recognized by its contents -shows, exhibitions, tastings, and meetings of all kinds- offering a unique moment within the many that the Expo will offer in a display of high competition between countries.